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Genesis Safety System

GSS PDF Catalogue: Screen or Print Resolution

During his years as both a working carpenter and as a safety consultant, David Dahr thought that equipment related to fall protection safety could be improved by some one. David turned out to be the one to do it and invented the Genesis Safety System (Genesis or GSS). Genesis can replace the need for traditional scaffolding in most construction projects while being easier to install and use, lighter, and safer. Its flexibility has made it versatile enough to work on residential properties, apartment buildings and other commercial worksites. All of these benefits come with a cost that is less then using traditional scaffolding. The system has set a benchmark performance standard in Nova Scotia for this type of equipment, and indeed in North America.

Genesis Safety System Icon.

The Genesis Safety System consists of modular components that when attached to a structure in the appropriate way can allow better ease of movement by workers while providing superior safety when compared to traditional scaffolding.

You can now own this project. David wants somebody to consider taking over the Genesis Safety System products, and buy the owner (David Dahr) out. then you can own this project complete with engineering drawings and certifications, written instructions and patent(s). David is open to offers. If you don't know anything about the construction industry or workplace safety then maybe you should consider this helpful OHS course

Testing and Certification

An illustration of the Genesis Safety System being used during residential construction.

The testing of the Genesis Safety System was done by Mr. J.S. MacIntyre, P. Eng at Nova Scotia Innovation Corporation (Innovacorp), a facility recognized by the Canadian Standards Association for such testing. (The Canadian Standards Association does not itself certify scafolding.) A load of 204 Kilograms (450 pounds) was placed on the system and there was no damage to the equipment, demonstrating the ability to go well above twice the stress level of a 90 kilogram (198 pound) load on every railing in every direction as per regulations set by the Government of Nova Scotia and the other provinces and territories. Feel free to watch our video showing some of the testing.

Platforms supported by the system had loads of 2267 Kilograms (5000 pounds) placed upon them with no resulting damage to the equipment.

The engineering review was done by Roy T. McBride M.Sc., P Eng. of Brandys McBride Richardson Engineering Limited. The Genesis Safety System successfully passed tests allowing to exceed regulatory standards for safety in several countries including, among others, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.

Unique Qualities of the Genesis Safety System

The Genesis Safety System installed on one side of a barn during its construction. Genesis Safety System fascia being installed. Genesis Safety System fascia railing in use seen from 3 floors below.

Genesis Safety System Benefits

1. Small and medium size contractors will have an affordable option to control the hazard of working at heights with peace of mind.

2. The Genesis Safety System (GSS) provides their employee’s with a greater freedom of movement, which in turn benefits the employer with increased productivity and efficiency, a more stable workforce and greater chance of avoiding bad publicity.

3. Home/Property owners are now taking more control over their construction projects and are now much more proactive towards safety than ever before. The GSS helps facilitate extra safety and peace of mind for the homeowner.

4. The GSS brings to the residential sector much needed additional options for working at heights that are reasonably priced and user friendly.

5. A large portion of these individuals who work in the residential sector do not carry Workers Compensation Board (W.C.B.) coverage or similar insurance. The extra safety provided by the GSS can reduce the costs the injured pass on to society by way of preventable emergency room visits and hospital care, needing social assistance programs, filing for premature disability pensions, becoming dependant on drugs (both legal and illegal) and increases in domestic violence.

GSS PDF Catalogue: Screen or Print Resolution

6. Using the GSS to reduce injuries reduces the number of family challenges created by the mental stress and physical pain an injured worker endures daily.

7. Having products such as the GSS provides individuals the ability to sustain their life style and contribute to society as opposed to becoming dependant upon society as an injured person.

8. Even if the GSS was costly and took a long time to install, the benefits would still be felt in other institutions (see points 5,6 and 7) making this a worthy product. As it happens it also saves money and time.

9. The GSS is a game changer, setting performance standards in its category of scaffolding equipment, which places it in the lead pertaining to innovative products.

10. With Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation in this sector becoming more and more relevant, the demand for safety products such as this is now more apparent than ever.

11. There are only three ways to reduce the ever increasing numbers of accidents at the workplace, education, safety training programs and innovative safety products. The GSS addresses the third method.

12. Having an affordable, physical solution used on site is the only sure way to decrease workplace accidents. Well meaning regulations such as increasing fines which employers can deduct on the filing of their income tax and various insurance coverage is for the most part a deterrent to complying with safety regulations. These only come into play after the accident has occurred and have nothing to do with prevention of workplace accidents.

Direct Benefits of using the GSS

  1. Minimizes fall arrest requirements.
  2. Gives workers a greater freedom of movement.
  3. Increases productivity for a higher profit turn over.
  4. Reduces W.C.B. premiums with continued use.
  5. Eliminates applicable OHS fines and penalties (brings peace of mind) by fulfilling important safety regulations.

Why The GSS is Practical

  1. Versatility. In fact it has a maximum span as much as 3 metres (ten feet) between brackets.
  2. Many attachments are available (sold separately).
  3. Interchangeable components provide a 40-50% cost savings than otherwise.
  4. Light weight due to an all aluminium construction.
  5. Holds heavy duty classification. (It set benchmark standards).
  6. User friendly making it easy to install and dismantle.

In addition to your employees, consider this: Your clients (home/property owners) share in the duties and responsibilities enumerated by the internal responsibility system (see OHSA).

Testimonials and Case Usages

Genesis Safety System used on a roof.

"...I must say it has improved productivity on the roof by 40-50%. Our jobs are getting done far more efficiently -- at heights--with the fear factor GONE! Thank you for engineering such a strong -durable -- dependable device--it has increased my profitability and gives me peace of mind!"

Larry Mader, C.E.O. Mader's Roofing & Masonry LTD.

Read more testimonials including the full quote the above is taken from.


GSS PDF Catalogue: Screen or Print Resolution

Contact David Dahr at Incorporating Responsible Solutions to discuss how you could become a distributor of the Genesis Safety System or make a purchase.