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Videos and other Media

We have recovered video materials related to our general safety research and the products created by David Dahr such as the Genesis Safety System and the safety manual Protection in a Handbook.

You can find these below along with our radio commercial. Please note that the only surviving source of some of our videos were VHS tapes containing over the air NTSC broadcasts or second/third generation copies. Please pardon the poor image and sound quality in such cases.

In addition to embedding the videos, direct download hyperlinks are provided in WebM format. Many video players can play WebM formatted videos. For those looking for a specific suggestion though, try VLC, a most excellent all around video player.

Radio Commercial

We ran a radio commercial on local, terrestrial radio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Here is the commercial in its entirety.

Direct hyperlink to the Genesis Safety System radio commercial. (Ogg Vorbis format, 447.4 KiB.)

Maritimes Today

Maritimes Today was a television call in show that aired on Global Maritimes from 1996 to 2006. Host and producer Duane Lowe interviewed David on the March 21st, 2000 episode along with lawyer Donald Murray and Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Officer David Walsh.

Donald Murray revealed that even regular homeowners can potentially face stiff fines if something goes array on their property while work is being done. David Walsh spoke to the fact that although the government does do a case by case analysis of situations that may violate safety regulations before issuing fines or other punishments, regular homeowners can be held liable for injuries that happen on their property during construction. David talked about what it is actually like to work on construction sites and the importance of construction safety regulations to homeowners.

The research David has done over the years showed that these types of concerns apply to homeowners and property owners all over Canada. Please note this video only talks about the duties and responsibilities a homeowner has under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). They are NOT discussing the additional duties and responsibilities that attach them selves to a homeowner when they take on the role as the prime or general contractor under the OHSA. That discussion can be found in the safety manual Protection in a Handbook.

Direct hyperlink to the Maritimes Today video. (WebM format, 55.6 MiB.)

Genesis Safety System Testing

Thq first stress test of the Genesis Safety System were carried out in 1998. Under the regulations of the OHSA in 1998. A light duty bracket scaffold was only required to demonstrate that it could withstand a load of 500 lb. (226kg) + 50% which equals 750 lb. (340kg). To achieve the rating of a heavy duty bracket scaffold you had to demonstrate that you could successfully exceed those minimum loads. The Genesis Safety System were capable of carrying a load of 1000 lb. (453kg) + the 50% safety factor which equalled 1500 lb. (680kg) This allowed the platforms to be rated heavy duty. Over the years under the OHSA regulations these minimum load requirements increased from the minimum load + 50% on the bracket scaffold platform which was 750 lb. (340kg) to 4 X the load. This means with the minimum load being 500 lb.(226kg) times 4 is now 2000 lb. (907kg) for a light duty scaffold bracket. The new and improved Genesis Safety System was retested to meet these new standards of our OHSA in 2015. In addition to exceeding these new requirements and keep its rating as a heavy duty bracket scaffold the platform bracket can now also be used as an anchor point for the fall arrest system during the installation and dismantling of the platforms and guard rails. The Genesis Safety System platform brackets have been tested to now carry a load up to 5000 lb. (2267kg) which is also the requirement for the anchor point of a fall arrest system.

Direct hyperlink to the 2015 Genesis Safety System testing video. (WebM format, MiB.)

Original Genesis Safety System Testing

The original testing (under previous regulations) of the Genesis Safety System was done by Mr. J.S. MacIntyre, P. Eng at Nova Scotia Innovation Corporation (Innovacorp), a facility recognized by the Canadian Standards Association for such testing. Inventor David Dahr recorded the actual testing process demonstrating that the tested weights are supported across spans of 2.4 metres (8 feet) and show how this product was determined as heavy duty as opposed to light duty scaffold.

Direct hyperlink to the Original Genesis Safety System testing video. (WebM format, 26.5 MiB.)